infrastructure1Classrooms are ideally spacious, airy and illuminated. Modern furniture provided for students helps them find learning hours a pleasure. Our Class strength is small and we use an excellent student- teacher ratio to recognize different types of intelligence.

At Vedhha Vikass, the voice of the students is heard, respected and nurtured. Standard of scholastic performance are lofty, yet Vedhha Vikass, provides an accommodation upbringing to the weaker students with housemasters, peer tutors and faculty.

Vedhha Vikass Follows the syllabus prescribed by Government of Tamilnadu. At the terminal level, it provides Biology and Computer Science branches. The school does have on its faculty the best of the teaching exposed to in-service training programs and courses conducted by subject experts.

The boarding department gives the students a healthy, wholesome and homely dining feel. Careful attention is given to the food so that students get a well-balanced diet. Food is served under the careful supervision of a dietician A massive boarding set-up capable of housing 1500 inmates is the real pride of Vedhha Vikass making it the best conducive residential school campus in the region. The independent hostels for boys and girls have A/C and Non A/C options.

infrastructure4Hostels, Kitchens and halls are studded with star quality traits of international hospitality industry. Superb in-house laundry and linen systems get rid of Students’ care and concern of day to-day chores. In addition to these, 24-hour wire links in the hostels’ lobbies facilitate communicative access to the students from their families

The hostel has an inbuilt Health Care Center manned by a qualified nurse to maintain students’ good health. Medical checkup is done periodically. If the architectural beauty of Vedhha Vikass is a treat to one’s aesthetic inclination, the Center for Information Sciences (Library) is the rendezvous of willing minds and patronizing spirit.

Centre for Information Sciences
The Library stands magnificently arraying in it more than 5000 volumes in every domain of human knowledge and they are carefully chosen to hone the intellect of information which has made the center a unique one possessing all properties recommended by the best of bookkeeping norms. Various subject titles are periodically screened to further understanding of students. The school also subscribes to different newspapers and periodicals to keep students updated on all information.