Extra Curricular Activities

Tailor-made care and personalized Attention
Learning and evaluation go hand in hand. At Vedhha Vikass, continuous evaluation is the part and parcel of the learning process. Records are maintained of the students’ progress and reports are sent to the parents at the end if each test. In addition,a comprehensive report is sent to the parents at the end of each term. Moreover, parents are welcome to meet the class Teachers and subject Teachers during specified hours to discuss their ward’s progress.

Beyoud Classroom Walls
Sports and games form an important part of the students’ life.These have been given adequate stress in the school routine to promote good health, self-confidence and team spirit besides providing recreation. A wide range of excellent sports facilities includes a proposed ultra modern swimming pool. Well qualified physical education teachers supported by specialist coaches supervise and co-ordinate the various sports activities.

extra-curricularVedhaa Vikass tries to develop communication skills both in English and Tamil among The students through the following activities; elocution, debates, group discussions both within the school and outside, to foster competitions are held to improve writing and other such competitions are held to improve written expression. Various forums are available on a monthly basis where the staff and the student community participate to discuss and debate on various current issues. Opportunities are aplenty for the students to get their artistic acumen honed.Regular cultural and co-curricular events do provide them ample openings to give vent to their histrionic and rhetoric expressions.